Thursday, December 16, 2010


Hey Perfection Readers and Followers,

As you know, I promised you all a brilliant first issue. I really was working hard for you to get that, really.

Well... Perfection AS a team ran into rapid problems. Many graphics designers quit because of school, designers couldn't get there task done on time, technical difficulties, etc, etc.
So I want you to hear this first from me, the owner of this Magazine. You won't be able to see the full issue as we didn't complete it at ALL.

We are still working on some parts, but I surely can tell you we will still be presenting to you. Don't think bad of us because Feb. Issue is going to be better than ANY Magazine out there. We are trying out hardest.

Before Perfection Magazine, I had never been incorperated in a magazine. So, I told you, this was new to me. Well, this ran into a total disaster but we want this to be a little mini_magazine. It's pretty horrible as we only got a few graphics in. But atleast we got something done.

So, please... give us another chance? Please don't let THIS be your first impression of this Magazine?
The release will be out, December 23rd, my birthday.
I hope you guys understand, I feel slightly horrible about this.


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